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It is essential to have your heating system cleaned before installing a new boiler to prevent blockages and cold radiators. A new boiler may split its heat exchanger if it becomes blocked with debris from an old heating system, a full power flush is recommended.


Yes we service most domestic gas appliances and can issue gas safety certificates for landlords.

Do you repair boilers and heating systems?

Yes, fault finding and repairs are undertaken.

Do you use quality materials?

All materials used are from quality manufactures with a proven reliability.

Do you offer a guarantee on your work?

All works undertaken are covered by a 12 months parts and labour guarantee, in some cases a manufacturer offers an extended guarantee on their parts this is passed on to the customer.

Are you Gas Safe registered?

Yes, we are GAS SAFE registered and energy efficiency certificated; we belong to the GAS SAFE competent persons scheme and can certify that our work complies with the current building regulations.

I have seen cheap boilers in a DIY superstore are they any good?

If you buy an inferior boiler it may be cheap to purchase initially but usually it will not last and will cost more in repair bills, they should be avoided if possible.

What is a power flush?

A power flush is a term used to clean a heating system using a flushing machine. The machine is connected to the heating system, it uses a high flow and low pressure to remove contaminates within the heating system. Acid is used to dissolve and dislodge sludge and iron oxides within the heating system. For a more detailed explanation on power-flushing click here.

I need a new boiler, will i need to upgrade my heating system?

All new heating systems and replacement boilers need to comply with building  regulations PART L, this may involve upgrading heating controls. The work carried out will improve the efficiency of your heating system saving you money.

Why should i have my gas appliances serviced annually?

Annual servicing is essential to maintain gas safety and prevent CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING

My boiler needs replacing do i need a condensing boiler?

Yes it is a legal requirement to have a condensing boiler installed as a replacement of an existing boiler unless it is totally impractical to do so.

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