Carbon monoxide

Tasteless, odorless, silent and deadly, badly installed gas appliances
with lack of maintenance can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Do you have your gas appliances serviced annually? 

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Warning signs
  1.  Make sure that any ventilation is not obstructed.                                      
  2.  Are there soot stains around the appliance?
  3.  Yellow floppy flames (except for flame effect fires)
  4.  Increased condensation inside windows.
Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning
% Saturation of carbon monoxide (co) in the blood stream.

1Slight headache 13% co2 to 3 hours
2Mild headache, dizziness 20 - 30% co2 to 3 hours
3Frontal headache, nausea36% co1 to 2 hours
4Headaches,unconsciousness50% co1 to 2 hours
5Severe headaches, convulsions68% co45 minutes
6Nausea, dizziness, death70 - 75% co5 - 15 minutes
7Severe syptons, death80% co1 - 15 minutes
8Immediate symptons, death85 - 90% co1 - 3 minutes

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms leave the room and get some fresh air then seek medical advice and contact a GAS SAFE registered engineer.

Can you smell gas?
  1.  Turn off the gas supply at the meter.
  2.  Extinguish any naked flames.
  3.  Do not smoke.
  4.  Do not operate any electric switches.
  5.  Open windows and doors   .
  6.  Contact Cadent emergency service 0800 111 999