Domestic Plumbing

We undertake a wide range of domestic plumbing services from outside taps to bathroom suites. Replacement cylinders can be supplied and installed. We hold unvented hot water certification and are able to install and repair pressurised systems. Small plumbing repairs can be undertaken from dripping overflow pipes to leaking taps. We supply and install equipment from the leading manufactures ensuring a quality installation. Customers can supply their own materials for installation if required.

Emergency plumbing tips
  • Locate your stop valve on the incoming cold water mains usually located under the kitchen sink.
  • Turn off the stop valve, open the cold water tap on the kitchen sink until the water stops running.
  • Stop valves corrode internally and need to be opened and closed to prevent seizure.
  • Make sure any water pipes in your loft space are well insulated to prevent burst pipes.
  • If a pipe leaks under the floor and causes the ceiling to bulge do not panic, turn off the water and make a small hole in the ceiling place a container underneath and phone for assistance.
  • Close isolation valves, if they do not work have them replaced before an emergency occurs.