Domestic Heating

From the 1st April 2005 all gas boilers installed in domestic dwellings must be condensing boilers with an efficiency rating of band of A or B unless there are exceptional circumstances that make this impractical.

Condensing boilers are more efficient than conventional boilers they extract the wasted heat from flue gases causing them to reduce in temperature to a point that they condense.  All installations must be notified to your local building control office. We will notify GAS SAFE of the new installation and they will send you a certificate confirming compliance of the current building regulations.

To comply with the Boiler Plus Schemes we install weather compensation devices or smart heating controls on new boiler installations if applicable. We are energy efficiency certificated and will advise of any updates of heating controls that may be required. A power flush is recommended before replacing a boiler. If the system is not cleaned any sludge deposits can partially block the boilers heat exchanger causing knocking noises and possible damage. Boiler failure caused by sludge or debris will not be covered by the manufactures guarantee, we recommend a magnetic filter to protect the heat exchanger and prolong the life of the boiler.  Further information on power flushing heating systems is available here.

We only install quality boilers and heating controls from the leading manufactures ensuring that the new installation will be reliable.

It has come to our attention that there are supposed plumbers installing heating systems who are not able to register them to building control because they are not registered. We will not check other installers work and notify it under our name so please do not ask. You must be GAS SAFE registered to install gas appliances. If you are thinking of installing your own gas appliances or getting a non registered installer to do the work for you, don’t. You will not be able to register the appliances with the manufactures and will lose any guarantee. When you sell your property  you may be asked for proof of notification with building control. Your safety will be compromised, all responsible installers will refuse to notify other peoples work the whole installation may have to be reinstalled.